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In Gather this January, we will study the power and scope of God's love. A love that goes beyond head knowledge straight to the heart. Love is the essential principle of our faith—the greatest command that encapsulates all the others. It is our mark of distinction as followers of Christ. After reading the entire Bible together, we now get to practice what is most important to God—how we love.  


During these 16 weeks, we will discover the meaning of this command and seek passionately to live it in our daily lives. 


We will learn how God's love is miraculous, bringing healing, wholeness, strength, and purpose, and how His love changes how we love one another, breeding compassion, kindness, patience, and acceptance. His love removes the blocks of unforgiveness, anger, pride, and arrogance. We are freed from envy and comparison as we live with more humility and trust. Honor others even when we disagree and cling to hope and perseverance even when we feel like giving up. 


These weeks will focus on the cornerstone of our faith, a love that ushers God's extraordinary power to change lives no matter the circumstances. This study is based on Biblical teachings on love, including 1 Corinthians 13, and will incorporate spiritual practices and testimony to make it come alive. 


Please bring a friend; there is plenty of room for everyone. Let's spread the Good News together!


Material Needed: 

Please check the Materials Tab for each week's lesson. It will be a Bible-based study.


Where: We now meet in the morning and the evening!


Malaga Cove Library - Tuesdays mornings 9 to 11 am all in the downstairs Community Room except 3/19 & 4/30 are in the Main Library


Vicki's Home, 2400 Via La Selva, PVE  - Tuesdays nights 7 to 8:30pm

Sondy's Home, 503 Via Del Monte, PVE (across from the Malaga Library)


1/16                Overview of Love (PM at Vicki's)

1/23                Patience (PM at Sondy's)

1/30                Kindness (PM at Sondy's)

2/6                  Does not Envy (PM at Sondy's)

2/13                Does not Boast (PM at Vicki's)

2/20                Is Not Proud (PM at Sondy's)

2/27                Does Not Dishonor (PM at Vicki's)

3/5                  Does Not Insist on Its Own Way (PM at Vicki's)

3/12                Is Not Easily Angered (PM at Vicki's)

3/19                Keeps No Record of Wrongs (AM Main Library) (PM at Vicki's)

3/26                Does Not Delight in Evil But Rejoices in the Truth (PM at Vicki's)

4/2                  Protects (PM at Vicki's)

4/9                  Trusts (PM at Sondy's)

4/16                Hopes (PM at Sondy's)

4/23                Perseveres (PM at Vicki's)

4/30                Summary/Love in Action (AM Main Library) (PM at Vicki's)

Register for Spring 2024 and pay rental fee HERE

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